Community & Sustainability

We believe that great Communities create great real estate investments.  More than physical place, we as developers strive to create a community that improves the lives of the people who live there.

Design for the future.  Lifestyle trends change over time, and we strive to stay current and anticipate future trends.  However, some things remain constant, people look for safe and secure spaces while wanting the best value for their investment.  The Midby Companies delivers on those expectations.

Design for lifestyle.  The Midby Companies is guided by its desire to improve the lifestyle of its consumers.  We recognize that in our buildings we have the opportunity to create the place where our residents will not only experience their daily lives, but also significant life events.  Our spaces are designed to help meet these needs.

Design for sustainability. As resources become more and more precious, The Midby Companies recognized the need to not only use resources responsibly, but also create buildings that can stand the test of time.  As part of our company strategy we have fully implemented the use of LEED development and design guidelines, but we also believe in the conservation of land as a resource.  For that reason we target urban areas and in-fill development opportunities.

Design for community partnership.  The success of any development company can be enhanced and improved through wise partnerships with municipalities to create great communities which then enhance the experience and value of our buildings to our end users.  The Midby Companies helps support various community programs with special attention to organizations that support education and the arts.  With municipalities we work to help promote design guidelines that improve pedestrian areas, conserve natural resources, and help promote inclusive spaces for all citizens.