The Midby Companies believes that great real estate development and investment is not simply a matter of either long-term experience or riding the vanguard of contemporary theories and approaches: It is both.

With more than 50 years of experience, The Midby Companies have a wealth of experience in Real Estate Development and Investment across multiple asset classes in various market segments.  We believe that our depth of experience provides an invaluable long-term perspective in the real estate development industry while allowing us to develop proven operational structures and procedures.  Our tried and true principles have helped guide us to where we are, and paved the way for our future.  We firmly believe in sound concepts that form the bedrock of our organizations philosophy: Integrity, Transparency, Diligence, and Structure.


While we believe in the concepts and strategies that have created a stable organization, we firmly believe that a growing organization must be constantly learning and adapting. We live in a quickly evolving world that creates new challenges for real estate development and investment.  We believe these changes create new and exciting opportunities for companies able to adapt. The Midby Companies dedicates itself to keeping abreast of new approaches and changing customer needs.  Our ability to balance both stable conservative business practices, while being forward focused, provides us with the capacity to create long term real estate investments that offer value to today and tomorrow’s customers and investors.

We believe in exceeding expectations. Our customers demand and deserve our best efforts and we sincerely hold true to the belief that the customer is first. We make every effort to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.Through our dedication to the customer we strive to create projects that will prove to be great investments and improvements to the community. We realize that our commitment to quality extends not only to those who buy our products, but also those who invest capital with us, and the government entities we work with. We accomplish these goals through hard work, accountability, and flexibility.


The Midby Companies, formally created in the late 1990’s, represents the culmination of the real estate development history of its founder John H Midby for more than 45 years.  John Midby’s experience formed the basis for the company’s creation and guided the development of its goals and values.  Since its formal creation, The Midby Companies have built upon the solid reputation of John Midby’s career and become a respected member of the communities in which it operates and developed world class projects and business partnerships.

John Midby got his start in the real estate world over 50 years ago as the manager of a multi-disciplined real estate brokerage in Las Vegas, Nevada known as Fidelity Realty.  Fidelity Realty had a broad base of clients including numerous national developers and investors, many who were looking to enter the burgeoning Western US real estate market for the first time.  For these developers and investors, John and his team at Fidelity Realty (a brokerage he eventually purchased) managed the acquisition and entitlement process, which paved the way for their successful entry to Southern Nevada and the Western US real estate market.

From those early experiences and relationships, John Midby established The Midby Companies.  Independently, and through joint ventures with subsidiary companies, The Midby Companies have developed master planned communities, commercial and office developments, single and multi-family housing, as well as casino and resort development.

Finally, the company worked to refine its multi-family platform with the development of Siena Villas and launch a new commercial platform for self-storage under the name Best Storage.  Both Siena Villas and Best Storage were constructed late in the 1990’s in Henderson, Nevada.

2000 – Current

The turn of the new century marked a new path for John Midby and The Midby Companies, with the formal formation of The Midby Companies.  At the onset of the new millennium, the company pursued the multi-family and commercial platforms that performed so successfully at the end of the 1990’s.

In 2001, Siena Villas was sold for a record high price and netted an impressive return for its investors.  Energized by this success, The Midby Companies’ began reviewing other multi-family opportunities in Southern Nevada but found the land and construction prices had become over-inflated.  While continuing to monitor the Las Vegas market, John Midby and his son, Eric focused most of their attention to investigating other markets for multi-family expansion, while also continuing the Best Storage platform in Las Vegas.

In 2003, the Midbys visited Seattle, WA, which was in the very early stages of recovery following a slump in the technology sector early in the millennium. Several early visits led to a long term investment in the Seattle market. The Midby Companies formalized establishing a business presence in Seattle with a new partner, Joseph Strobele, a dynamic former executive of Lincoln Properties/Legacy Partners, who’d spent the last several years honing his expertise in the Seattle multi-family market.  Together, in 2004 they formed The LEXAS Companies; a Seattle based multi-family development company.  Within a short time, the LEXAS Companies had numerous multi-family development projects underway.  The Midby Companies further invested in the Seattle market when they invested in another Seattle based local developer who formed Oceans West, an entity that specialized in condominium conversions.

The Midby Companies’ expansion to the Seattle market was well timed and both LEXAS and Oceans West realized considerable early success with multi-family projects that were well received and highly respected within the market.  The Midby Companies’ core team worked closely with LEXAS and Oceans West Senior Executives to establish and maintain operations and continues to provide managerial oversight and governance.  To date, The Midby Companies’ work thru Lexas and Oceans West includes development of the award winning 30-story Escala luxury high rise as well as 13 other condominium communities in the greater Seattle area.

Recently, the Midby Companies have embarked on renewed development plans in Las Vegas and Seattle.  At the same time they are expanding into the Southern California market, especially San Diego and Los Angeles.